Table of Contents 1  if Statements2  if…else Statement3  if…elif…else Statement4  Nested if statements5  Practice6  Iterables and Iterators7  while Loops8  for Loops9  range()10  enumerate¬∂11  The break statement12  The continue statement13  Python pass statement14  Comprehensions14.1  comprehension for lists14.2  comprehension for dictionaries14.3  comprehension for sets15  Errors Handling: try except and finally16  Memory Management in Python Iterations if,elif, else Statements for Loops while Loops range() functions break and continue statements pass statement enumerate comprehesions if Statements The colon (:) separates the header of the compound statement from the body.


In this blog post we will be going to discuss about python basics Python is multi-purpose programming language developed by Guido van Rossum. The language has easy-to-use syntax, it’s a perfect language for someone trying to learn any programming for the first time. This is a comprehensive guide on Basic fundamentals concepts which we are keep in mind before writing code. Table of Contents 1  Basics1.1  print() function:1.2  comment with # symbol:2  Operators3  Primitive Data Types3.